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Product search

Product search

Simple product search:

If you know the number of the bearing that you are searching you can use the Simple Seach panel on the right side of the most sites of our website.
enter at least a part of the number and press the "Search" button.

Advanced search:

Advanced search is available in e-store section and it helps to search the stock by bearing number (code), brand, bearing type and dimensions or the combination of these.

Special symbols:

The search is insensitive on special signs: (.), (,) (_) (-) dots, space,s dashes, slashes and other punctuation marks.

Combined search by code and description:

With new default settings you can search the stock automatically both in code (bearing number) and its description (bearing type, etc). You can run a single search independendly on what information you have - bearing number (7201) or product type (cylindrical roller bearings).

example no 1:

Bearing number: 7201

Example no 2:

Bearing type: Cylindrical rollerbearings:
wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane

Star * search

In case you do not know the complete bearing signature, but only a part of it (eg. "7201" and "tv") and / or a brand ("7201" "fag"), in a search you can use a star [*] in a search as a substitute of missing part of a signature.

Example 3:

Bearing that signature contains
"7201" and "tv".
Example 4:
GMN bearing, with "7201"
in a signature.
wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane

Separate search:

If you need to search the product on 2 separate criteria: product number and type of the bearing, it is possible to split the search panel into two windows unmarking the box "Search both - bearing number and description".

wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane

Example 5
High speed bearing 6308

Expample 6:
Linear roller bearing
Hepco brand with "7" in a code.

wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane

wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane

Dimensions search

If you do not have a bearing number of a preferable brand and you know the bearing dimenstions of its part, you can use a dimension search option. It can also be used when you only know one bearing dimension. The dimensions search can also be combined with other search options: number and description.

Example 7:

Bearing of dimensions:
śr. wewn.=100, śr. zewn.=130
i szerokości=40
Excample 8:
Thrust bearing with dimensions:
śr. wewn.=100, śr. zewn.=135
wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane wyszukiwanie proste i zaawansowane

Search results:

In a search results you will find bearing number, product description, quantity available. The price will be showned after you log in. If the product is not available in the stock you can send the enquiry by clicking the number of the bearing on the list of results. If the product is available in stock, that will add it automatically to your basket

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