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Placing orders

ATTENTION: The on-line ordering service is available to registered users only.

How does the shopping basket work?

To order an item from the list of results, click on the icon of the basket - "Add" button or a bearing number. The separate window with product description opens. You can than change quantity of the product and the warehouse you prefere. Than confirm with "Add to the basket" button. You are than moved to your order list.

You can than continue shopping to choose other products, please click on the "Back to stock" button. The value of your shopping basket will then be saved, and you can order more items.
You can also proceed with the order, the total value of all the products in your shopping basket is shown in a red field on the right side of the order form. choose "Next" button.

How to send an order?

You have a form with your order and the total amount due, your company information, payment and delivery details, check it carefully.
If you want the products to be delivered to the address different from the one specified, please provide details of the delivery address. You can also change your company information in SETTINGS section on the right side of the page.  After checking and choosing payment and delivery details, click the "Place order" button. We will confirm your order by email within 24 hours.

Do I have to enter my VAT number?

If your company is a VAT payer, it is necessary to enter your VAT number. VAT number helps us to identify you and provides protection against unauthorized orders on your company account. If you are not a VAT payer, you do not need to enter your VAT number. Please note that if you leave the "VAT number” field empty, you will receive a receipt of purchase instead of a VAT invoice.

Is my shopping basket saved after I log out?

Yes, but the products in the basket are not booked and can be sold meanwhile. It may happen that they are no longer available.

Can I change my order after sending it?

We can cancel or change your order unless is has already been dispatched to you. Please contact us via email or phone.

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