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Statoil Statoil Poland is a part of Norwegian Statoil Fuel & Retail ASA offering wide range of lubricants for industrial applications, ranging from relatively simple products based on mineral oil, up to special advanced synthetic oil products. Many of Statoil products have a wide range of possible applications. Other products can be tailor made to one specific application. New environmental demands and growing technical requirements have led to an increasing demand for lubricants based on renewable and synthetic raw materials. Statoil product categories: chain oil for the food industry, circulation oil, compressor oil, compressor oil for the food industry, cylinder oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil for the food industr, pneumatic tool oil, process oil, refridgerant compressor oil, rust protection oil, slideway oil, spindel oil, transformer oil, transmission oil, transmission oil for the food industry, turbine oil, various industrial oil, white oiland many others.

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