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Product claims

What should I do if I want to complaint?

Every complaint is analyzed individually and the goods claimed faulty is sent out to manufacturer for their tests and analysis to state the failure reason.
The returned product needs to be sent back complete (bearing, rings, seals, rolling elements) and with filled in complaint form.
The reclamation form is available: here.

What is the procedure in case of FAG products recclamation?

FAG company can only evaluate the recclamation if it is realized according to special recclamation procedure. Please comply to the following steps:

1. Quality, qauntity or product defects need to be reported to Albeco with the folowing report.

2. Quality complaints need to be reported by a bearing user.

2.1. Please collect all the necessary information for the questions asked in the report.

2.2. In case of difficult bearings, doubts, etc please contact Albeco.

2.3. According to the evaluation result Albeco and FAG will decide together on complaint procedure.
  • On-site inspection
  • Area and method of further research
  • Acceptance or rejection of the complaint - justification, compensation, remedies.

We kindly inform our trading partners - FAG products resellers - that the reclamation of FAG products can only be investigated after submiting FAG-Quality Service Raport, with written statement of location of bearing mounting and the person responsible for the reclamation.

On-site investigation and bearing evaluation can only be realized in the presence of:
  • person responsible for the product reclamation
  • final re-sellers representative
  • Albeco representative
  • FAG representative
See the raport.pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file.



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