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Basic information
607RS in plastic
We ordered manufacturing of rollers in a plastic casing on a special request of our client. Currently, rollers 607 RS EZO Japanese company in the plastic buildings are available in our offer.

HepcoMotion Ring Track in special dimensions.
To fill our client′s special requirement we offered a ring track system in non-standard dimensions. It is used in a manually operated device for rubber seal strip installation. After installing the chrome strip socket joints, the operator manually moves a cart with roller to press tighten the seal in the lock. HepcoMotion guide enables a smooth motion for relatively little financial effort. HepcoMotion′s guides are available in many sizes and can be manufactured for each diameter of more than 500 mm. They are a great alternative to closed-circuit rail guides.

Spherical plain bearing in non-standard dimensions.
Basing on detailed information from our customer we prepared a technical drawing, and we ordered the production of a series of bearing of non-standard dimensions.





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