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Bearing vibration diagnosis

Bearing vibration diagnosis

Bearing vibration diagnosis

The technical condition of its weakest link often proves the reliability of the entire assembly or a machine. During the operation of machines, rolling bearings are ones among the most frequently replaced elements. Factors such as:

  • poor lubrication,
  • contamination,
  • assembly and operational errors: dynamic unbalance and misalignment,
  • vibrations caused by neighboring machines and devices

may affect the shortening of the service life of the bearings. Studies prove that up to 37% of rolling bearings are dismounted too early due to the lack of an actual assessment of their condition. Meanwhile, with the current level of development of vibration measurement and analysis methods, this uncertainty can be almost completely eliminated. A properly collected and processed vibration signal is the broadest and most reliable carrier of information about the technical condition of a machine.

Benefits of machine condition monitoring:

  • Identification of failure causes.
  • Limiting the number of failures.
  • Greater production reliability.
  • Optimum use of time for maintenance.
  • Less need for spare parts.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • Lower repair costs.
  • Lower costs of property insurance.
  • Greater work safety.

Our diagnostic includes following stages:

  • Analysis of the machine park - selection of machines, measuring points and preparation of the measuring route.
  • Measurement - performing measurements for vibration velocity, acceleration and shock pulses.
  • Report - preparation of a report with a detailed description of the technical condition for each system.
  • Recommendations - immediate reaction in case of unacceptable and unsafe test results. If any irregularities are detected, providing information on probable causes and suggesting actions to eliminate them.
  • Consultation - advice on the operation of machinery and bearing nodes, including: selection of bearings, lubrication, assembly and disassembly, clearances, etc.
  • Diagnostic program - agreeing on the diagnostic program - the number and frequency of measurements.

Diagnostics of bearing nodes is used in a number of machines and devices, the most important of which are:

  • electric motors,
  • pumps,
  • fans,
  • generators,
  • drive gears,
  • production lines for paper and printing machines.

We invite you to take advantage of our service offer in the field of: vibration diagnostics of bearings.

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