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Accuride is a leader in the telescopic guides and mechanisms industry. Accuride is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of telescopic ball guides and complete linear travel systems. Accuride has been providing innovative solutions to customers around the world for over 60 years. Company  is known for high-quality products, reliability and precision of workmanship, a solid partner for companies from various industrial sectors. The range of ready-made, standard Accuride products includes telescopic guides with various degrees of extension, i.e. over 100% extension, 100% extension or 75% extension, guides for small, medium and heavy loads (101kg+) , tilting guides, guides for special applications, TV lifts and locking mounts and brackets. Accuride has been developing its business for over 60 years, currently it has almost 1 million square meters of production space around the world and is the largest company engaged in innovative design and production of sliding fittings. It employs over 3.5 thousand people in production plants in North America, Europe and the Far East. Manufacturer's website: Innovative solutions for many industries Accuride offers a wide range of products, including a variety of guides and telescopic mechanisms that are used in many industries, including: Furniture Industry: Guides and telescopic mechanisms are widely used in the furniture industry to create functional and durable drawers and cabinets, ensuring smooth and quiet operation. Automotive Industry: Accuride provides solutions for the automotive industry, including guides and telescopic mechanisms used in door systems, folding seats and other vehicle interior components. Electronics Industry: Accuride products are used in the electronics industry, enabling precise guidance of moving parts in electronic device housings. Commitment to innovation and quality: Accuride has always focused on innovation and technological development, thanks to which its products are constantly improved and adapted to the changing market needs. The company strives to ensure the highest quality products through rigorous testing and continuous quality control in the production process. Customer Support and After-Sales Service Customers can count on comprehensive technical and advisory support at every stage of cooperation. Albeco's team of specialists is ready to help in selecting appropriate solutions and provide after-sales service to recipients of Accuride products. Accuride is a trusted partner for companies looking for high-quality guides and telescopic mechanisms that will ensure reliability, durability and excellent functionality in their industrial applications. Thanks to extensive experience and commitment to innovation, we are able to meet even the most demanding customer expectations. Check out Accuride product offer in the Albeco store and choose the best products for your application. Check ACCURIDE catalogs and publications about ACCURIDE products on the Albeco website.

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Formed in 1939, Alwayse Engineering is the market leading manufacturer of Ball Transfer Units. The Company employs more than 70 people in its purpose built manufacturing and office facility based in Birmingham, UK. Over 70% of its production is exported to over 60 countries worldwide, which has led to Alwayse Engineering being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade on two occasions.Alwayse Ball Units & Castors are used in all industries throughout the world with over 2 million units being sold every year. Alwayse Engineering Limited is quality registered to ISO 9001.     Manufacturer's website:

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AMES is a leading Spanish manufacturer of high-class, self-lubricating sintered bushings as well as filters and silencers made of sintered bronze and iron. AMES offers high quality: bronze bushings of many types and dimensions, including: cylindrical bushings type A, bearing bushings with a collar, spherical bushings type C, spherical bushings with a neck, shafts for own machining, iron bushings: AF type cylindrical bushings, BF type flange bearing bushings, TF type self-machining shafts filters and silencers made of sintered bronze. AMES is a manufacturer that offers innovative solutions and is valued by customers in many different industries. Thanks to over thirty years of experience and commitment to the development of modern technologies, Ames has gained recognition as a reliable partner for customers from all over the world. AMES's offer is wide and includes: Bronze and Iron Self-Lubricating Sintered Bushings:AMES specializes in the production of self-lubricating sintered bushings that are used in a variety of industrial applications to ensure smooth and reliable movement. AMES bushings are made of high-quality materials, including bronze and iron, which provide excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Sintered filters and silencers: Sintered filtration is another area in which AMES specializes. AMES sintered filters are an effective solution for purifying various fluids and gases in industrial processes. Thanks to advanced technology and precise production, AMES filters ensure high filtration efficiency and effectiveness. Technical support and individual approach: AMES cares about the satisfaction of its customers by providing comprehensive technical support at every stage of cooperation. A team of specialists is ready to help in selecting appropriate solutions, tailored to the individual needs and requirements of customers. Quality and precision guarantee: The quality of products is the manufacturer's priority, which is why each sleeve and filter that leaves the factory undergoes rigorous quality tests to ensure their reliability and durability in extreme conditions. working conditions. Thanks to precise production and careful quality control, customers can be sure that AMES products will meet their expectations. Ames is a trusted partner for companies looking for high-quality, self-lubricating sintered bushings and sintered filters that will ensure reliability and excellent performance in their industrial applications. Thanks to advanced technology, experience and individual approach to customers, we are able to meet even the most demanding needs and expectations. Albeco is an authorized AMES distributor in Poland: Manufacturer's website:   Check out the AMES product offer in the Albeco store and choose the best products for Your application: Check AMES catalogs and publications about AMES products on the Albeco website.

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ASAHI is a Japanese manufacturer of ball bearings operating continuously since 1928. In 1951, the company was the first in Japan to start producing bearing units. Since then, as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of bearing units, Asahi has contributed to the standardization of bearing units and the setting of quality standards in the production of units. In 1975 Asahi expanded its offer with clutches and brakes, as well as elements of the linear motion technique. Currently, Asahi is a recognized and trustworthy brand in the industrial sector. Advanced technology and experience in production allow the company to meet the diverse needs of customers. An excellent quality control system at every stage of production, from product planning, design, specification and product testing to the after-sales service stage, guarantees the highest quality of products and services. Manufacturer's website:

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The Askubal company is an international family business with sales offices all over the world. The company's philosophy is based on high quality, market demand, customer fulfillment and fast worldwide distribution. Therefore, he puts a lot of effort into development, in the development of special versions of products in accordance with the comments and wishes of customers. It has numerous representatives all over the world and a dynamic and modern distribution system. Manufacturer's website:

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