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We encourage you to use the electronic ALBECO RETURN FORM. Returns submitted via the on-line return form will be considered as a priority.

Warranty for purchased products:

We guarantee the highest quality of our products in terms of materials and workmanship. Factors influencing the granting of a warranty are

  • mounting method
  • way of lubrication
  • work environment

In many cases these factors are unknown and difficult to pin down. Therefore, we cannot provide a clear, permanent guarantee of product lifetime. Each case of granting a product warranty is considered individually by our employees, if necessary, also by the supplier.

Conditions for granting the return of goods:

Albeco Sp. z o.o. guarantees the right to return the purchased goods within 14 calendar days from the date of its delivery.

  • Only unused, undamaged, complete, undamaged goods, goods returned with the original packaging are subject to return.
  • Acceptance of a return of goods is possible only on the basis of a paper RETURN FORM IN ALBECO and RETURN FORM ON-LINE available on the Client's account in the tab:
  • Your account
  • Returns of goods.


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  • The return of the goods is accepted only on the basis of a correctly completed return form sent via the website or with the returned product.
  • Only goods purchased from the warehouse are subject to returns, goods imported on request are not subject to returns.
  • Goods from the following groups are not eligible for return:
    • plumber,
    • adhesives and lubricants,
    • mounting accessories,
    • heaters,
    • pullers,
    • pneumatics,
    • measuring instruments
    • diagnostics

due to the inability to verify whether the mentioned device and accessories have been used or not damaged (e.g. overloaded).


  • The goods must be delivered at their own expense - we do not accept shipments sent back at our expense or cash on delivery
  • Standard orders with a value above PLN 500 net are sent at the expense of Albeco. If, after returning the goods, the invoice value drops below PLN 500, a VAT invoice will be issued to cover the costs of transport.
  • The returned goods should be carefully packed in a cardboard box, a protective envelope or delivered in person to the Albeco branch where it was purchased.
  • Upon receipt of the return, a correction invoice is sent with the request to return a signed copy.
  • A refund is made upon receipt of a signed copy of the correction invoice.

In case of further doubts please contact our representative.

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