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CNC machining

CNC machining

CNC machining

Comprehensive CNC machining service at Albeco includes:

  • precise turning and milling machining
  • precise cutting of shafts and guides
  • preparation of the product along with the standards needed for installation

We provide turning and milling of shafts, ball screws and trapezoidal screws and other machine parts based on:

  • drawings entrusted by the customer
  • from the provided patterns, e.g. damaged or worn machine parts
  • drawings made by Albeco engineers

We carry out unit and serial production.

Scope of works available in Albeco CNC offer:

1. Tasks using a lathe with an additional axis and driven tools:

  • making external and internal keyways
  • milling SW and other planes
  • making frontal threaded holes: axial, radial and circumferential
  • making perpendicular threaded holes along the shaft axis
  • performing milling of frontal axial and non-axial shapes

2. Tasks that use turning:

  • turning journals up to a length of approx. 700 mm, on long shafts up to 6000 mm, with a diameter of up to Ø81 (through spindle)
  • turning shafts to the length of approx. 760 mm and diameter up to Ø 376 mm
  • turning internal and external threads
  • turning in h6 tolerances
  • turning of soft alloys (aluminum alloys, bronze, brass etc.)
  • turning steel alloys, including hardened

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