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The agricultural sector requires environmentally friendly solutions, quality, reliability, efficiency, effectiveness and innovative technologies. Equipment and bearings are subject to harsh operating conditions. Bearings used in agriculture must be resistant to dust and dirt contamination, as well as being washed with water. Our products are used, among others, in: tractors, combine harvesters, hay presses, utility vehicle chainsaws, other machines used in the agricultural sector. We provide products necessary at every stage of agricultural production: Preparation of the soil Agrihub hub with increased durability: life-lubricated, equipped with a multi-lip sealing system, equipped with a bearing with better performance than the market standard, it is encased in a nodular iron housing that protects the sealing system against stones. Tapered roller bearing meeting P6X tolerance class Self-aligning bearings with AGR seal - guarantee of smooth operation of your machines even in the most polluted working environment. Self-aligning bearings increase productivity, performance and reliability in harsh operating conditions thanks to lifetime lubrication, best protection against contamination, resistance to high pressure washing, improved seals. Sowing Bearing 204XAGR - NTN-SNR's proposal combining compactness, lightness and parameters of a massive bearing.The bearing is characterized by lifetime lubrication, the use of the 4-point contact technology ensures precise guidance of e.g. seed drill discs, effective work thanks to maximum product protection when working in a polluted environment . TM-5204LLU is a bearing which, thanks to the LLU seal, retains grease in the bearing, creates a barrier to foreign bodies and liquids. Hay production NTN-SNR GB ... and AB ... bearings - NTN-SNR products intended for use in the production of hay or silage are bearings with increased reliability thanks to higher mowing speeds (advanced technology of ball bearings) and the use of a seal designed for agricultural applications, protecting the bearing against contaminated environment ( grass, mud, stones). Their advantage is lifetime lubrication and increased durability Baling Harvest  

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We offer a wide range of automotive bearings: passenger car bearings, truck bearings, trailer bearings and bus bearings. Our offer includes bearings for gearboxes and bearings for wheels of many car brands. Trucks : Agrale, Citroen, Chrysler, Daf, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, GMC, Hino, Internacional Isuzu, Iveco, Mafersa, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan , Peugeot, Renault, Scania, Volkswagen, Volvo. Buses : Iveco, Kassbohrer, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes Baumuster, Renault, Scania, Volvo. Passenger cars: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Austin, Autobianchi, BMW, Citro & euml; n, Dacia, Daewoo, DAF, Daihatsu, Fiat, Ford, FSO, Honda, Hyundai, Iveco, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, MG Morris Garages, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Suzuki, Talbot, Toyota, Vauxhall (Opel), Volkswagen, Volvo , Zastava. PFI Bearings relies on a comprehensive range of automotive bearings, including bearings for: engine control systems, clutches, gears and gearboxes, air compressors, alternator and starter, assembly. PFI Bearings is a major supplier of high-performance ball bearings to the extremely demanding manufacturers of alternators and starters and rebuilders in Europe and South America. Our assortment of kegs (single row tapered roller bearings, PW and PHU ranges) is extremely broad, offering unrivaled market coverage for most relevant US, European and Asian automotive applications. PFI Bearings produces a wide range of bearings, mainly ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and needle bearings, in standard and special sizes, for use in the automotive industry (passenger cars, SUVs, pick-ups, 4x4, vans, motorcycles, etc.), electric and agricultural. PFI hubs: High quality steel, high mileage, high load resistance, premium grease, optimized sealing, pre-set units, sealed and lubricated for life, low risk of contamination, maintenance free, weight reduction, advanced sensor and system, full kits available, quick and easy assembly over 700 different types of hubs! The current portfolio includes over 2,000 different SKUs, i.e. warehouse items. We release between 150 and 200 new products on the market every year!

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We offer: Bearings for rail industry including: axle bearings, transmission units, bearings for engines and many others. Products for rail meet high requirements:n very high speed, reliability and longer product life cycles.

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Durability and reliability are of paramount importance for mining machinery. NSK bearings offer longer service life under the most arduous and challenging operating conditions. State-of-the-art technology to material, lubrication, sealing and design to ensure that the bearings exceed the life and limiting speed of conventional bearings. Our superior bearings offer high performance with robust design, improved wear & seizure resistance in contaminated environments to provide a longer operating life and enable you to reduce energy, downtime and maintenance costs. We offer: Bearings: NSK spherical bearings - long-life and improved roughness - VS bearings with improved surface roughness to reduce bearing damage - slippage, surface fatigue, flaking.

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Food industry

We offer: Bearings: SNR food industry bearings or low temperature bearings (SNR Topline - LT & LT ZZ) dedicated to freezing applications in food industry or various equipment for cold rooms. Lubrication: LOCTITE 8104 silicone grease , Naftochem food industry grease - Aliten PS, FAG food industry grease - ARCANOL FOOD2. Bearing units with plastic housings - meet the requirements of various sectors including food industry thanks to anticorrosive and antimagnetic properties. They are often used for food processing, packaging and bottling. Linear motion: thanks to perfect parameters including high loads, high temperature resistance and anticorrosive properties HepcoMotion linear units are widely used in Food sector. Especially popular are SL2 and DTS2 systems in stainless steel version. Popular application include: bakery production lines, bottleing, etc.

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Heavy, steel industry

Heavy industry creates unusually hard working conditions for bearings: High temperatures (rolling, casting) causing thermal expansion and misalignment, very high pressures (rolling), high loads (conveying, continuous casting bend sections), humidity, vapor (the products exposed to high temperatures are cooled by spraying with water), vibration, impacts (crushing, conveying). We offer bearings that are designed for particularly harsh applications- made of special steels, withstanding impacts and high temperatures, requiring minimum maintenance. We offer: special cylindrical or tapered roller bearings for conveyors, special cast-iron pillow blocks associated with double-row self-aligning ball bearings, bearing EF 800, machined cage series double-row spherical roller bearings for casting (bottom section), clindrical roller bearings N-NJ-NU-NUP, bearings for rolling mills.

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Paper and print industry

We offer: Bearings: FAG and SNR bearings for paper industry, GMN and Stieber clutches with backstop function, freewheel and indexing clutches, gears etc used in printing machines. Linear motion: PDU System designed for demanding and economical applications requiring compact construction and MCS compability. Other: Belts

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Medical industry

Pharmaceutical and medical industry - production and packaging of drugs, production of medical equipment as well as surgical and dental instruments requires the use of sterile production machines and special materials, resistant to corrosion and not requiring lubrication or lubrication with special parameters and purpose lubricants. For surgical and dental instruments, miniature dimensions are also required. We offer GRW, PERMAGLIDE and AMES bearings that perfectly meet these requirements. They are made of the highest quality materials: high-resistance stainless steel, ceramics or plastics for special applications. They are characterized by excellent resistance to working conditions in high humidity, resistance to chemicals, high or low temperatures and wear. In response to the special requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we offer a range of products for these specific applications: bearings for dental drills bearings are characterized by: high speed, quiet operation, long life and miniature size bearings for surgical instruments bearings are characterized by: possibility of thermal disinfection, minimized friction, high precision bearings for blood pumps the bearings are characterized by: corrosion resistance, minimized friction

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Sport industry

The smoothness of the movement and reliability of the equipment are often the key to the success. The highest quality of the materials, high quality of lubricants and the warranty are the main aspects that the Albeco take care of when prepared the product offer of the companies such as Fluro, ZVL or EZO. You can find bearing that are the best solution in applications such as: guads drones inline skating skateboards and longboard roller skiing

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Wood industry

Albeco offers a wide range of products that are used in the tree harvesting industry. The Albeco range includes slide sleeves that are regularly used as spare parts in forestry machines, such as: cutter heads, bark trusses, log harvesters. Offered products WB802, WB800, WB702, WB700, as well as B90 and B92 are a great choice and can be used as spare parts in the machines of such companies as Valmet, Ponnse, Timber Jack, Waratah, John Deere.

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Wind mills

Wind turbine components have to withstand particularly demanding operating conditions, especially high rotational speeds and high dynamic loads. Bearings used in wind farms must be durable, reliable, resistant and carefully designed. The supplier of high-class bearings intended for operation in wind turbines is the company NTN-SNR, whose many years of experience were used to develop the structure of bearing production for the wind energy market. Excellent knowledge of the technical and economic conditions of the wind industry allowed NTN SNR to offer optimal solutions for a number of applications, such as: rotor, multiplier, generator, slewing bearings. The bearing design developed by experts and the selection of the most suitable type of steel guarantee an optimal level of flexibility and quality, as well as the performance and durability of NTN SNR bearings.

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Robotics and automation

A wide range of products from the Automation and Industrial Robotics department will meet the most diverse needs in the field of construction and expansion of production lines and production automation. Our offer for products for Automation and Robotics includes a versatile range: Pneumatics and hydraulics & nbsp; 1-axis linear technique. We supply companies with such elements as: profile guides of infinite length, linear modules, roller guides designed for high speed and pollution, helical or gear drives, clamps for guides powered pneumatically or electrically electric actuators tailored strictly to a given application columns serving as the second axis for robots. Linear multi-axis technique including products such as: Cartesian systems (including R & oacute; parallel EXPT kinematic systems), DTS and GFX (XTS) circular / oval motion systems using linear motors heavy duty systems such as the 'Gantry System'. Moving the drive & nbsp; Bearings Products of the highest quality from recognized manufacturers will prove themselves in the creation and modernization of industrial applications and in maintaining traffic that takes care of the correct operation of production lines. Robotics and Automation applications can also benefit a lot from our Diagnostics offer, thanks to which automatic production lines can become fully reliable.

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