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Machine downtime over the weekend? Spare parts from Albeco needed immediately? Our reply to this is CONTACT 24/7 We know that there are no companies without failures. However, there are companies where they are removed quickly. Efficient operation in the event of a failure reduces costs resulting from long-term downtime and builds a competitive advantage! We have been supporting Maintenance Departments in this area for many years by offering Diagnostic tools, Machine diagnostics and analysis of the state of the machine park, Spare parts consignment warehouse service. We make it easier for Maintenance Departments to react quickly in the event of a failure. In addition, for even better efficiency in the event of a failure, we offer you the following service: CONTACT 24/7 - emergency sale outside the working hours of the Albeco office! As part of this service, we offer consulting, selection and sale of our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of the CONTACT 24/7 service, you get: Professional advice on the selection of parts outside our office hours.  Possibility of collecting goods from the warehouse in Plewiska 24/7. Possibility of delivering the product to the indicated place at any time and at any time. In the event of a breakdown outside our office hours call one of the following numbers:     ATTENTION! The service is provided by the office and main warehouse in Plewiska near Poznań. The service is subject to an additional fee.

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Tool rental

Are you missing a professional device for assembling or disassembling parts? Equipment rental is an ideal solution for customers who occasionally use assembly tools, but at the same time want assembly and disassembly operations to run smoothly, without the risk of damaging parts and using the highest quality tools. Our tool rental offer will allow you to perform the necessary work efficiently and safely using high-quality professional equipment without incurring high purchase costs. Are you planning to buy a heater? Rental of assembly and disassembly tools is a safe, economical and effective solution before investing in the equipment for personal use. Before buying, you have the opportunity to try and compare devices of different types. Thanks to this, the purchase of the device will not be at risk, and the purchased device will be the one that fully meets your expectations. Our service also gives all those who plan to purchase a professional device the opportunity to test its effectiveness before buying.

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6pm shipment

At Albeco Plewiska, you can now order until 6.00 p.m. with guaranteed same-day shipping - next business day delivery.  SHIPPING BY 6PM In the interest of our customers' satisfaction, we have extended the ordering time with the same day shipping guarantee from 14:00 to 15:00. Additionally, we have supplemented our offer of deliveries with shipments for orders placed after 3 p.m. Orders placed before 3 p.m. are shipped the same day for no extra charge. Orders placed between 3:00-6.00 p.m. can be shipped on the same day for an additional fee of PLN 8 net for the same day delivery guarantee. It is possible to place an order after 3 p.m. with standard shipping on the next business day. In this case, the additional payment will not be charged. When ordering the products at the Albeco Plewiska warehouse with the option of personal collection, the fee will not be charged. Shipments after 3 p.m. are made only from the warehouse in Plewiska! For goods from a different location, the shipment will be made on the next business day.   SHIPPING WITH SATURDAY DELIVERY GUARANTEED A customer expecting a package to be delivered on Saturday should place an order in the Albeco store by Friday this week by 15.00. A fee of PLN 15 net will be added to the order as a guarantee of delivery of the package on Saturday. An additional fee of PLN 15 for Saturday delivery + PLN 8 net for the guarantee will be added to all orders with a Saturday delivery guarantee, which will be reported to the system on Friday this week, from 3pm to 6pm. same day shipment. SAME DAY SHIPPING AND SATURDAY DELIVERY ARE OPTIONS FOR THE POLISH MARKET ONLY!

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Attractive discounts

Internet discount By placing an order through our online store for products available in stock, you automatically gain an online discount without any additional requirements! The internet discount is fixed at 5%. This discount may be combined with a permanent discount. Discount applies only to orders on the domestic market and Clients registered and based in Poland. Discount for regular customers A permanent discount is granted to regular customers and depends on the volume of purchases made and the timeliness of payments. For one-off large orders, it is also possible to negotiate a discount. For discounts, please contact the sales department by phone. Product special price Occasionally, we conduct promotional sales for specific products or groups of products. Then the products are sold at a reduced, attractive price.

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Free delivery

We are aware that delivery times are often of crucial importance to our customers. We want the order handling to run smoothly and without delays, so that customers can have full confidence in our company. That is why we offer a number of solutions in the field of goods delivery so that the order fulfillment could be carried out in the shortest possible time. The delivery methods we offer are self-collection, courier, city and conductor shipments. Among them we offer: Free shipping (POLAND ONLY) When the order exceeds the sum of PLN 500 net, the goods are delivered at the expense of Albeco. Free delivery includes DOMESTIC SHIPMENTS WITH STANDARD DIMENSIONS, i.e. shafts and long elements of linear technique are not included. In the case of shipment at Albeco's expense, we reserve the right to choose a courier company. Regular free delivery for regular customers: (POZNAŃ ONLY) We offer regular free deliveries to regular customers from Poznań and the surrounding area. Deliveries are made depending on the frequency and volume of orders, on average once a week in Poznań and the surrounding area on a selected day of the week. The offer applies to companies that constantly cooperate with our company or want to start cooperation in the field of regular deliveries of goods. For details of the offer, please contact our sellers.

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Bearing vibration diagnosis

The technical condition of its weakest link often proves the reliability of the entire assembly or a machine. During the operation of machines, rolling bearings are ones among the most frequently replaced elements. Factors such as: poor lubrication, contamination, assembly and operational errors: dynamic unbalance and misalignment, vibrations caused by neighboring machines and devices may affect the shortening of the service life of the bearings. Studies prove that up to 37% of rolling bearings are dismounted too early due to the lack of an actual assessment of their condition. Meanwhile, with the current level of development of vibration measurement and analysis methods, this uncertainty can be almost completely eliminated. A properly collected and processed vibration signal is the broadest and most reliable carrier of information about the technical condition of a machine. Benefits of machine condition monitoring: Identification of failure causes. Limiting the number of failures. Greater production reliability. Optimum use of time for maintenance. Less need for spare parts. Less energy consumption. Lower repair costs. Lower costs of property insurance. Greater work safety. Our diagnostic includes following stages: Analysis of the machine park - selection of machines, measuring points and preparation of the measuring route. Measurement - performing measurements for vibration velocity, acceleration and shock pulses. Report - preparation of a report with a detailed description of the technical condition for each system. Recommendations - immediate reaction in case of unacceptable and unsafe test results. If any irregularities are detected, providing information on probable causes and suggesting actions to eliminate them. Consultation - advice on the operation of machinery and bearing nodes, including: selection of bearings, lubrication, assembly and disassembly, clearances, etc. Diagnostic program - agreeing on the diagnostic program - the number and frequency of measurements. Diagnostics of bearing nodes is used in a number of machines and devices, the most important of which are: electric motors, pumps, fans, generators, drive gears, production lines for paper and printing machines. We invite you to take advantage of our service offer in the field of: vibration diagnostics of bearings.

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Consignment warehouse

Albeco consignment warehouse means spare parts for our customers at your fingertips! We offer the consignment warehouse service to production companies in order to ensure the constant availability of spare parts. REDUCE TRANSPORT COSTS AND STOCK KEEPING. GUARANTEE THE SAFETY AND CONTINUITY OF PRODUCTION. We offer the consignment warehouse service to manufacturing companies in order to ensure the constant availability of spare parts. Selected items are available in customer's warehouse 24 hours a day and 7 days in a wee. Payment's due only for retrieved goods with monthly billing Easy to use and clear system for keeping records of purchase. Automatic complement of retrieved products. What is the Albeco consignment warehouse? Albeco consignment warehouse is a designated warehouse space within the customer's warehouse. At this point, the customer is provided with a constant supply of selected products that he deems necessary to maintain the smooth operation of the production plant. Where is the consignment warehouse located? The consignment warehouse is located within the customer's warehouse space and is separate from it, which allows for efficient resource management and transparent record keeping. How often are stocks of the consignment warehouse replenished? At the beginning of cooperation with Albeco, the client determines which products are necessary for him and what the minimum stock level is allowed. The Albeco stock coordinator ensures that the minimum resources of each part are always available in the customer's warehouse. How are settlements for the collected goods? The client settles accounts with Albeco in the billing period specified at the beginning of the cooperation. For example, when keeping records of pickups from the warehouse during a calendar month, the products are paid for at the end of the month. How to keep a record of downloads? Albeco provides intuitive and easy-to-use software that facilitates keeping records of product collection from the warehouse. The software includes many amenities, e.g. the ability to keep notes on specific downloads, the ability to assign internal warehouse numbers, creating a summary report of downloads at the end of the billing period. Does Albeco provide support for the duration of the consignment warehouse service? Yes. From Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Albeco stock coordinator are ready to help and answer any questions you may have. In emergency situations, the consultant is available 24 hours a day. The service is addressed to regular end customers who make regular purchases of a specific product group.  

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CNC machining

Comprehensive CNC machining service at Albeco includes: precise turning and milling machining precise cutting of shafts and guides preparation of the product along with the standards needed for installation We provide turning and milling of shafts, ball screws and trapezoidal screws and other machine parts based on: drawings entrusted by the customer from the provided patterns, e.g. damaged or worn machine parts drawings made by Albeco engineers We carry out unit and serial production. Scope of works available in Albeco CNC offer: 1. Tasks using a lathe with an additional axis and driven tools: making external and internal keyways milling SW and other planes making frontal threaded holes: axial, radial and circumferential making perpendicular threaded holes along the shaft axis performing milling of frontal axial and non-axial shapes 2. Tasks that use turning: turning journals up to a length of approx. 700 mm, on long shafts up to 6000 mm, with a diameter of up to Ø81 (through spindle) turning shafts to the length of approx. 760 mm and diameter up to Ø 376 mm turning internal and external threads turning in h6 tolerances turning of soft alloys (aluminum alloys, bronze, brass etc.) turning steel alloys, including hardened

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Express deliveries

The timing, costs and timeliness of deliveries play one of the most important roles in the selection of suppliers. Efficient order handling and fast delivery are the basis for the full trust of our customers. We offer a number of solutions for the delivery of goods, so that the execution of the order could be carried out in the shortest possible time and in accordance with the expectations and preferences of customers. The delivery methods we offer are: own collection, DPD, DHL, GLS, UPS, TNT and other courier services city shipments conductor shipments air shipments Albeco delivery. In addition to standard shipments, we offer our customers a wide selection of shipments with shorter delivery times: Delivery with a guarantee of the morning delivery time - by 9.00, 10.00 or 12.00 Saturday delivery Saturday delivery with a guarantee of the morning delivery time: by 10.00 or 12.00

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Machine monitoring system

OPTIME from Schaeffler allows for comprehensive condition monitoring that is both easy and affordable. Thanks to its simple plug & play installation, OPTIME allows you to start monitoring hundreds of rotating machines in just a few hours. Condition monitoring can be expensive. Which is why up to 95% of all machines inside factories are only sporadically monitored, or often not at all. This can lead to unplanned breakdowns and downtime. With the ability to work on almost all machines, OPTIME can detect potential damage, imbalances or misalignments – even weeks in advance! This enables you to easily and conveniently plan your long-term maintenance, manpower or spare-parts requirements YOUR KEY BENEFITS AT A GLANCE: Highly cost-efficient monitoring Monitoring hundreds of rotating machines for a few cents each per day – up to 50% cheaper than handheld measurement Installs quickly Installing the sensors and setting up the OPTIME app takes mere minutes – no prior experience required Expert know-how Digital Service provides professional diagnostics based on expert algorithms and machine learning, available 24/7 via app – so you’ll always make the right decision For beginners & experienced users With its intuitive operation, OPTIME provides crucial information and comprehensive expandability – perfect for a broad range of users and applications.

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Linear Motion Center

Many years of experience, technical knowledge, a modern machine park, as well as a wide range of linear motion products available immediately allow us to provide professional and comprehensive engineering support for the most difficult projects of our Clients. After initial consultations and measurements we select specialized solutions, assist in their assembly and provide after-sales support. Linear motion at the highest quality and in the widest range. We offer durable and effective technological solutions. We guarantee our customers the right choice - the right machining and assembly process. We help to increase the efficiency of machines and devices. Products and services offered by Linear Motion Centre are components characterized by precision and accuracy of workmanship, thanks to which we guarantee our customers the highest quality and optimal linear movement. Availability. Using our database of products available on stock we can quickly build a functional linear system that meets all your expectations at competitive prices. Matching. We pay attention to each project individually. All the elements of your order are tailored to your needs in our Linear Motion Center. Thanks to this, you can be sure of their compatibility with the system as early as at at the stage of technical design.   Saving. Thanks to modular nature each project, can be expanded and adapted to current needs at any time while maintaining the continuity of work and simultaneous savings due to the expansion of the system. Support. At every stage of cooperation, the Client can count on the support of Albeco team - experts in the terms of the correct operation of the system and its ongoing operation. We also provide proffessional training of the Client's team.   Rely on our reliability Contact us by e-mail or phone: tel. +61 60 00 194 [email protected]   See what services we can offer you: Installation of roller carriages according to customer needs — additional sealing kits. Cutting linear guides with an accuracy of +/-0.3 [mm]. Rely on our reliability Contact us by e-mail or phone: tel. +61 60 00 194 [email protected] Each linear guide is chamferedaccording to its individual shape — safe assembly of the rolling unit (without damaging the seals). We prepare linear guides for continuous connection — professional selection, cutting and grinding process — we connect paths of infinite length. Mechanical and conventional machining — we will produce elements for you according to the sent pattern, drawing or individual project.   We offer guides with a cover tape — the guide's turning and assembly. We make ball screw sets according to the pattern or drawing specification, standard and tensioned. Rely on our reliability Contact us by e-mail or phone: tel. +61 60 00 194 [email protected] Cutting drive belts to the width; both open and closed. Breaking chains of any size available from ALBECO warehouse. Rely on our reliability Contact us by e-mail or phone: tel. +61 60 00 194 [email protected]

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