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PDU2 - Aluminiowy Moduł Przesuwu Liniowego

PDU2 belt driven units provide exceptional performance at a competitive price which is unmatched by similar size of belt products. In fact, a size comparison is the only comparison that can be made with other products as PDU2 offers revolutionary Herculane® wheel technology which provides a superior combination of load capacity, speed and low friction characteristics. Designed to meet the needs of the lower precision, low cost application PDU2 has such a long life most units will out perform the life of the machine they are fitted to.

  1. Herculane® low friction wheel technology for good load capacity and extended life
  2. Compact ready to mount units in lengths of up to 6m
  3. Product lends itself for easy fitting of stepper or other motors
  4. SmartDrive Taranis Stepper Motor control/drive package for simple or multi-axis applications
  5. If required, belt can be released and reset in seconds from the end of the unit
  6. Beam is available with T-slots or plain. Corrosive resistant version available

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