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Measurement and diagnosis tools

Basic information
FAG Detector III
FAG Detector III is an offline vibration monitoring system, data collector and operational balancing device all in one. It can record the vibrations, temperatures and speeds of machinery. The userfriendly software allows easy and effective data analysis. Furthermore, comments can be defined in the software, transferred to the FAG Detector III and selected as required after measurement. Any incipient damage can thus be detected at a very early

Advantages of the system:
  • Parallel monitoring of vibration and temperature
  • Static and dynamic balancing on site
  • Rapid and clear identification of measuring points
  • Wide range of options for analysis and presentation
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Excellent price/performance ratio.

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    HS-620 portable Vibration Meter Kit
    Portable, velocity & bearing condition control tool kit designed for use as both an entry level and also a comprehensive vibration monitoring instrument for maintenance engineers across all types of industry.

    The kit consists of the compact vibration meter, a hand held probe, a magnetic mount for more permanent installations, a protective carrying case, an instruction manual and battery chargers for both mains and in-car use. The meter is microprocessor based and by selection of the controls can be easily set up to monitor:
  • Acceleration (g) levels.
  • Velocity (mm/sec).
  • Displacement (µm).
  • Bearing condition (BG or BV).

  • A display hold function is also included.

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    HS-630 - vibration meter with temperature measure function
    The brand new HS-630 has all the facilities of the previous HS-620 model but now also offers a fast and reliable way to measure spot temperature. The HS-630 Vibration/Temperature Monitoring Kit contains a compact, portable digital vibration meter operating with a hand-held probe, together with a non-contact temperature measuring sensor aided by a laser locator beam. It is designed for maintenance technicians to use to monitor vibration levels and spot temperature on important plant and machinery, helping to find potential problems and so avoid future plant failure.

    The new kit will prove invaluable to engineers in monitoring the trend of vibration and temperature on motors, pumps, gearboxes, fans and all rotating machinery. Ideal as an entry-level unit, the meter′s portability means that measurements can be taken in-situ in remote parts of the factory.

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