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Universal greases

Basic information

Johansson FAT 884
Strong penetrating grease for high loads, vibrations, pressure and other forces. Efficient even with little grease application, dedicated for temperatures from -30°C to 160°C.

Johansson FAT 94
Strong lithum grease. Good for high loads, vibrations, shock applications. Minimizes friction. Can work in water flows and acids applications. Operation temperatures from -30°C to 160°C.

Johansson GRI 596 LUX Grease
Most efficient grease thick plastic grease for outdoor applications. It characterizes the highest level of spreads (6) and graphite microparticles and friction modifiers (FM). They create a permanent protective coating on all cooperating elements reducing friction and wear. GRI 596 LUX grease reduces the demand of frequent lubrication, even a small amount provides full effect. Graphite additives guarantee durable lubrication and prevent seizure. Grease is resistant to steam, salt, alkalis, acids and rinsing with water. It seals against pollution. Operation temperatures: -30 ° C to 150 ° C. Applications: gears, wheels and racks, chains, guide screws, splines shafts, machine guides, transporters, belt and plate, wire ropes, screws or other gears in dryers and heaters, pumps, drilling equipment and other machinery. Industries: steel, mining, shipbuilding, automotive, chemical, timber, textile, paper, printing and others.

Johansson TRAF 691 Grease
The most efficient thick teflon grease for outdoor applications with the highest level of grease lubrication (6). Contains PTFE micro and strongest FM additives (6). Compounds activated by rubbing associate with the microstructure of mating surfaces to form lubricating film that reduces friction, reduces wear and energy consumption and maintains lubrication for cross boundary lubrication conditions. TRAF 691 reduces the demand for frequent lubrication, even a small quantity gives a full effect! Resistant to vibration and shock, eliminates seizures and minimizes vibrations, it seals against pollution, reduces friction and wear. Operation temp. -50 ° C to 190 ° C. Applications: outdoor and worm gears, rolling and sliding bearings, chains, guides, equipment, racks, brackets, wire ropes, hinges, latches trailers, transporters, belt and plate, drive shaft splines transmissions in dryers and heaters, pumps, drilling equipment and other machinery, brass, bronze, Cu, Al, Ti and steel. Industries: steel, mining, shipbuilding, automotive, chemical, timber, textile, paper, printing, and more.

Universal lithum grease for bearings in cars, agricultural machinery, insutry and construction industry. water resistant. Operation temperatures from -30°C to 160°C.

Uniway-Lix 625 grease
Universal lithum grease for automotive and industry applications for small parts and low loads. Can be used in high temperatures. water flows resistant. Operation temperatures from -30°C to 140°C.

Multitop grease
Universal grease for ball bearings and cylidrical roller bearings in construction machinery, cars and spindles when high-speed rotation and high temperatures are possible. Operation temperatures -40°C to 150°C.

Multi3 grease
Ball bearing universal grease for big electrical engines, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and fans. Operation temperatures: from -30°C to 140°C.

ŁT-4S grease
Multi-purpose grease for ball bearings and plain bearings for car installation and operation, industrial machinery and equipment operating under conditions requiring high mechanical stability, aging resistance and anticorrosive and water-resistant. Operation temperature LT-4S2 is -30 º C to 120 º C, while the LT-4S3 grease from -20 º C to 130 º C. LT-4S.

ŁT-41 i ŁT-42 greases
Multi-purpose greases for ball bearings and plain bearings used for lubrication of bearings operating under normal operating conditions. They are resistant to water, have good anticorrosive properties Operating temperature is from -30 º C to 120 º C.

Alvania EP2 grease
Lead-free multi-purpose lubricants EP (LF). Shell Alvania EP0, EP1 and EP2 are lead-free general-purpose industrial grease containing mineral oil, high viscosity, hydrostearynian lithium as a thickener and selected additives and lead-free EP additives (extreme pressure). Used for ball and plain bearings. rolling and sliding bearings in tough conditions, including overloads or high humidity. They are resistance to water washout and oxidation. They can operate in temperatures from -30 ° C to 130 ° C.

Alvania RL grease
Multipurpose industry application grease containing mineral base oil, lithium hydroxystearate thickener and additives as anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-oxidants. Shell Alvania Grease is of medium consistency, industrial, high mechanical stability and resistance to oxidative designed for lubrication of bearings operating at temperatures from -35 ° C to 100 ° C.




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