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Basic information
Veconit LMP-S
Grease of wide temperature range dedicated for aviation and precision mechanisms. Used for high-speed bearings and equipment operating in wide temperature ranges, ideal for devices starting at low temperatures and heating in the course of operation. Grease can be applied until the temperature 160 ° C. It can work under impact loads, vibration and in dusted environment Meets the requirements of DIN 51 825: K 2 P-50, ZN-PTX-OO-10451, MIL-G-81322D. Operating temperatures [° C]: -60 to 180 ° C.

Johansson KS 005 grease
The economical protection to electrical connections. Ensures long contact and complete electrical conductivity, reduces electrical resistance, protects against oxidation, formation of insulating oxide layer and moisture, ensures the proper functioning of the electrical connectors. It extends the life of electrical equipment exposed to work in watery conditions. Perfect for all metals, including coated and precious metals. Provides full effect used in small quantities. Application: connection cables, terminals and installation screws used outside, electrical low-and high-voltage units, switches, circuit breakers, TV antennas and other components exposed to varying weather conditions, housing fuses and light bulbs in cars, sockets and plugs in trailers and semi-truck or caravan.

Johansson MTB cross 4 grease
Highly adhesive, reinforced lubricant in spray with lubricating additives. The best lubricant for bikes at this price. Reduces friction and wear, it is extremely resistant to splashing water, protects bike against varying weather conditions. Active layer of lubricant does not run down and leaves a protective layer even in dusty, muddy or wet terrain. Characterizes with a very low viscosity, reduces friction and ensures preservation. Efficient in small quantities. For bike clutches, cables, brake levers, gears, sprockets, chain.

Grease providing an excellent lubrication at high vibration and shock loads. Recommended for mining, cement factories, agriculture and other applications where bearings are exposed to a significant loads in a humid environment: paper mills, mining works, etc. Adventages: Excellent resistance to shocks, high vibration levels and high loads allowed. Good resistance to water, long life of the grease. Typical Applications: mills, crushers, vibrating screens, washing machines, industrial fans, etc. Operating temperatures: -20 ˚C + 130 ˚C.




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