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Universal mounting products

Basic information
Loctite 638
Gives best resistance to dynamic, axial and radial loads. Recommended for retaining shafts, gears, pulleys and similar cylindrical parts. KWT approval for cold and hot water. Strength Required: High, Handling Strength: 8 min, Diametrical Clearance: up to 0.25mm, Temperature Resistance:150°c, Pack Sizes: 50ml, 250ml.

Loctite 641
Recommended for parts that will need subsequent dismantling i.e. retention of bearings onto shafts and into housings. Strength required: medium, Handling strength: 30 min, Diametrical clearance: up to 0.1mm, Temperature resistance: 150°c, Pack sizes: 10ml, 50ml, 250ml.

Loctite 648
Recommended for high temperature retaining of parts with a clearance or interference fit i.e. retaining bushes, bearings, seals, fans and liners. Strength Required: High, Handling Strength: 5 min, Diametrical Clearance: up to 0.15mm, Temperature Resistance:175°c. Pack Sizes: 50ml, 250ml

Loctite 660
Used for repairing worn coaxial parts without remachining; enables re-use of worn bearing seats, keys, splines, tapers, or for retaining shims. Strength Required: High, Handling Strength: 20 min, Diametrical Clearance: up to 0.5mm, Temperature Resistance: 150°c, Pack Sizes: 50ml

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