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NTN EUROPE (formerly NTN SNR) is a world leader for bearings, constant-velocity joints, linear modules, distribution rollers, suspension parts, and associated training and services.

NTN EUROPE (formerly NTN SNR) designs, develops, and manufactures its products. NTN and SNR brands are references, both in the OEM markets as well as in the aftermarket. Innovation is at the heart of our concerns, regardless of your industry: aerospace, automotive, cement plant, wind energy, rail, machine tools, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mines and quarries, vacuum pumps, steel industry, etc.

NTN EUROPE is committed to global solutions (Product Life Cycle Management). Our customised offer (from design to storage), integrates maintenance, training, and all the services that optimise the performance of the product within its application.

NTN EUROPE (formerly NTN SNR) has a culture of proximity and commitment as a result of its human and technological legacy.

NTN EUROPE (formerly NTN SNR) is driven by responsible and human values. European teams develop specific solutions to support issues experienced by customers, working in the spirit of dialogue and mutual progress. This sense of partnership also determines the social and environmental steps quality, as well as the transparency of relations with customers, suppliers, and internal teams.

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Catalogues, publications
  • NTN - Łożyska kulkowe i walcowe (6.47 MB)View
  • NTN - Łożyska Oporowe (0.05 MB)View
  • NTN - Zespoły Łożyskowe (0.46 MB)View
  • NTN - Łożyska igiełkowe (0.82 MB)View
  • NTN - Uszkodzenia łożysk i środki zapobiegawcze (0.84 MB)View
  • NTN - Igiełkowe rolki toczne (2.4 MB)View
  • NTN - Igiełkowe sprzęgła jednokierunkowe (1.18 MB)View
  • NTN - Łożyska Wrzecionowe (5.57 MB)View
  • NTN - Zespoły Łożyskowe Nierdzewne (0.25 MB)View
  • NTN - Zespoły łożyskowe w oprawach z tworzywa sztucznego (0.29 MB)View
  • NTN - Piasty Kół HUB (1.51 MB)View




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