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Sprzęgła jednokierunkowe
Freewheel: clutches transmit or support torque moment by friction contact in one direction and permit idling in the opposite direction.

Freewheel-clutches are used as:
  • Indexing elements - to change from oscillating to intermittent rotary motion.
  • Backstops - to prevent self reversing due to load condition when the machine is not activated.
  • Overrunning clutches - to maintain driven unit activated even during slowdown, or in the case of two speed operation(by independent motors) to switch to the higher speed by passing the slower.

A large quantity of freewheel-clutches with varying design features and dimensions are available, depending onrequirements such as: torque, indexing frequency, idling speed and environment. The supporting equipment around the clutch has to be built accurately and of high quality for the clutch to operate properly.

This is why we offer support units or complete assemblies of free-wheelclutches.
Lubrication is especially important to obtain maximum life of free-wheel clutches.

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Manufacturers GMN,  INA,  NTN SNR,  Stieber, 
Application Conveyers, copiers, diesel engines, high voltage switches, motor bikes, packaging machines, paper handling, printing presses, sowing machines, textile machines



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