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Bearings: SNR food industry bearings or low temperature bearings (SNR Topline - LT & LT ZZ) dedicated to freezing applications in food industry or various equipment for cold rooms.

Lubrication: LOCTITE 8104 silicone grease , Naftochem food industry grease - Aliten PS, FAG food industry grease - ARCANOL FOOD2.
Bearing units with plastic housings - meet the requirements of various sectors including food industry thanks to anticorrosive and antimagnetic properties. They are often used for food processing, packaging and bottling.

Linear motion: thanks to perfect parameters including high loads, high temperature resistance and anticorrosive properties HepcoMotion linear units are widely used in Food sector. Especially popular are SL2 and DTS2 systems in stainless steel version. Popular application include: bakery production lines, bottleing, etc.
Catalogues, publications
  • SNR - dla przemysłu spożywczego (0.2 MB)View
  • FAG - Smar do przemysłu spożywczego Arcanol FOOD2 (0.07 MB)View
  • FAG - Smar do przemysłu spożywczego Arcanol FOOD2 (0.05 MB)View
  • NSK - do przemysłu spożywczego (0.62 MB)View
  • AMES - Tłumiki i filtry z brązu spiekanego BRONFIL (EN) (1.4 MB)View
  • Permaglide - Low-maintenance and maintenance-free plain bearings (0.46 MB)View
  • Permaglide P1 plain bearings Material information (0.11 MB)View
  • PERMAGLIDE® P14 plain bearings (0.62 MB)View
  • ELMODIS - poprawa efektywności eksploatacji maszyn (1.79 MB)View
Manufacturers Ames,  HepcoMotion,  KS Kolbenschmidt,  Naftochem,  NSK,  NTN SNR,  Permaglide, 



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