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Rolling elements

Basic information
Elementy toczne
All rolling elements are produced of hartened bearing steel and depanding on the application they are supplied in various accuracy classes with varioss size and shape deviation.

There are 3 basic types of bearing rolling elements:

  • Balls- for each accuracy class, the largest and smallest deviation is allowed as well as the deviation of the shape. The single dimension balls and the specified accuracy class are selected for groups with very narrow tolerances of diameter. Each selection group is individually packed and the average deviation of the group is given on the package sticker..

  • Cylinders- the shape of the shaft is designed in the way that working with the profiled tread the edge stresses are largely eliminated. Rollers are selected according to diameters and lengths. Roller tolerance depends on nominal diameter or length. Each group of rollers is individually packed and the package is labeled with the sticker that shows average diameter deviations and shaft lengths.

  • Needles- made of steel and available in two versions: with a convex head and a flat face. The needle face protuberance is so formed that the needles can tilt without jamming between two parallel planes. Bearing needles are available in three accuracy classes, but in each group they are selected for dimensional groups whose tolerance depends on the accuracy class. Each group is individually packed and marked on the sticker with the smallest and largest deviation.

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