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New model heaters

Basic information
Lightweight induction heater (7kg). Easy to use. Suitable for bearings, gear wheels, couplings with a max. OD of 180mm.

More technical info: Betex 24 XLDI product info

BETEX iDuctor
The BETEX iDuctor is a new professional type of induction hand tool. All sorts of metal parts, such as drive components, bearing housings, bolts, nuts, pipes and small surfaces can be heated locally. Thanks to the precise heating the surroundings retain a normal temperature. Stuck parts that are heated will expand and loosen. This is an ideal solution for stuck nuts and bolts, where often a conventional blow torch or grinder are used. Using an open fire entails some form of risk and may cause polution. A grinder can spark and cause damage to the area surrounding the part. All in all, workplaces become much safer, cleaner and faster!

More technical info: BETEX iDuctor




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