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PSL has been a producer of bearings for more than 60 years. The seat of the company, the production plant and development centre are situated in Považská Bystrica in Slovakia. The main areas of the production program are represented by the manufacturing of standard and special bearings with large diameter, slewing bearings, worm drives, and bearing rollers. 

PSL, a.s. is part of the "Components Technology" division of the global corporation thyssenkrupp and, in particular, is connected with the "Bearings" area. This global market leader in the manufacturing of slewing bearings has production facilities in over 12 companies in 17 factories distributed in ten countries. It makes us part of a corporation with more than 150,000 employees all over the world.

PSL products are applied in various areas and applications. The quality of PSL products are based on excellent specialist and technical level of constructors and technicians, highly qualified operators, experienced production workers and we must not forget the most modern production and testing machinery and equipment.

Almost all PSL products are exported, mainly to countries of the European Union, the USA and to the Russian Federation. Via daughter companies in the PSL group and a network of contracted dealers, PSL is able to provide a sales service, operative and highly qualified technical advice and after sales customer services almost worldwide.

Since its establishment in 1995, PSL, a.s has proven to be a stable and reliable producer of bearings with high quality products. By exporting its products to many countries around the world, to all continents, the company has become well known to users of bearings and slewing rings worldwide.

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