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Bronze sintered silencers and fliters

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Filtry i tłumiki
BRONFIL® filtering elements from AMES are state-of-the-art products, effective in multiple applications. BRONFIL® products feature a cleaning-friendly design, mechanical strength, and resistant to extreme temperatures. Properties of BRONFIL® filtering elements.

Repeatability: A careful classification of raw materials, together with a steady production process allows to obtain large production series of filters having invariable permeability throughout all their points.

Filtering efficiency: BRONFIL® filtering elements have got unique structure, fluids are obliged to follow a winding way. This allows to retain particles with needle shape that would otherwise pass in the direction of their smaller size.Filtering elements are cleaned by means of solvents or by reverse circulation (using the same fluid or another adequate one) with no need to remove the filtering element. After cleaning, the filter recovers its initial characteristics. This property is maintained even after several washings.

Machining: BRONFIL® filters are ready for any machining process, i.e., turning, milling, drilling, etc. It is not recommended to machine flow surfaces, as it causes pore blinding.

Welding: Welding conditions are similar to equivalent solid materials, except for the inconveniences caused by a large number of pores. Bronze filters can be welded by resistance, tin welding o arch welding as required. In case of stainless steel elements welding can be done under an argon atmosphere. Easy machining and welding and self-supporting structure allow to produce composite or large sized filters.

Corrosion resistant: BRONFIL® elements are resistant to most adverse environments, in accordance with their base material.

Temperature: AMES sintered filters are incombustible, having a rated operation range from -250ºC through +200ºC (up to +450ºC under a reducing atmosphere) for BRONZE filters. This range increases to +450ºC (+850ºC under a reducing atmosphere) in the case of STAINLESS STEEL elements.

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Manufacturers Ames, 
Application Aerospace, automotive, chemical and machine tool.




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