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Repair and maintenance

Basic information
Ronson Multi Lube
Hhigh quality multi-purpose product for lubricatation, cleaning and maintainance. It removes moisture and prevents freezing, is used in workshops, car repairs and maintenance services, electrical appliances, sports equipment, fishing and many others. - Penetrates and loosens rust, tar, dirt, baked and corroded screws, bolts, joints, adapters.
- Cleans and conservates, thanks to the corrosion protective layer protects from rust.
- Removes moisture and eliminates short circuits in ignition wires and wet electrical equipment (switches, terminals)
- Perfect for lubricating locks, threads, hinges, valves, friction machine parts and cables.
- In the winter unfreezes and protects the car locks from freezing.

Loctite MultiWax
Clear wax used as a preservative and corrosion protection. Used both in service and repair. The container is equipped with a spray nozzle that allows the imposition of a broad and thin layer. Nozzle extention allows to reach the hard to reach places. It is particularly useful for corrosion protection of vehicles not operated for a long time.




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