The INA Linear Service Centre is opened!

The INA Linear Service Centre is opened!

Dear Customers,

We are beyond happy to inform you that on February 18, 2016, in our new headquarters in Plewiska, a new, specialized facility, authorized by Schaeffler, our business partner since 1993 - the INA Linear Service Centre, was opened. INA linear motion includes a wide range of products and technical solutions, starting from profiled guides, through complete drive units, with service and technical support. You can count on receiving optimal solutions for any application, both from engineering and economic perspective.

Among else, the Centre was launched to ensure constant availability of INA products in Poland. But there is more to it. The Centre will also execute cyclic training to give you knowledge on the proper selection of products, with particular focus on correct installation and operation of products to ensure their ultimate reliability.
As of now, we only hold trainings for our own clients, but are planning to introduce more topics in the future to also attract technology and engineering students.

The Centre was officially opened on February 18, 2016. Representatives Schaeffler from Germany: Georg Motz, Klaus Schumacher and from Schaeffler Polska: Marek Remjasz, Mariusz Gierejko, Przemysław Komada, Wojciech Świątkiewicz and Edyta Kosieradzka participated in the event, along with other guests. Following the official speeches and the ceremony of cutting the ribbon, the guests were surprised by an amazing artistic show combining music and technology.
Ryszard Bazarnik gave a one-of-a-kind performance on a "bearingphone", an instrument made from profiled guides, linear rollers and ball bearings. The artist made custom modifications to these parts, by cutting and trimming them, to build this extraordinary instrument and to obtain sound of amazing quality and tone.

The guests were also treated to a live performance of a machine for cutting guides and were taken on a tour of the Linear Service Centre, which offer among else:
- high precision cutting and chamfering of surface hardened rods and guides,
- grinding the fronts of profiled guides to connect them to each other, with related, miscellaneous services.

The new INA Linear Services Centre made solid impression not just with its size, but also its equipment, which will make Albeco employees′ work easier.
The new investment project is yet another milestone in our history.

The Centre is located in our new headquarters in Plewiska, at Południowa 71 Street.

Visit the new INA Linear Services Centre and watch a video of how the new facility was built:





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