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SKF hook wrenches - efficient mounting and dismounting of bearings without damage

SKF hook wrenches - efficient mounting and dismounting of bearings without damage

SKF hook wrenches - efficient mounting and dismounting of bearings without damage

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SKF hook and impact wrenches, because that's what we're talking about, are used to tighten or loosen bearing nuts. Thanks to a wide range of wrenches and the adjustment possibilities of individual variants, we can work with nuts of various types and sizes. In addition, depending on the type of bearing, its application and size, SKF wrenches can be used to move the bearing on the taper seat.

Types of SKF hook wrenches

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1. HN series hook wrenches

Hook wrenches minimizing the risk of damage to the shaft and nut, delivered in an ergonomic, durable transport case as aset of 9 wrenches in sizes from 4 to 16 or individually in sizes from 0 to 22. Each hook wrench has a comfortable handle made of material resistant to oil, dirt and grease. The engraved marking of each wrench included in the set allowsquick and easy selection of the appropriate tool for the nut.



2. HNA series - adjustable hook wrenches

HNA series adjustable hook wrenches are an extremely universal and economical solution. 4 adjustable hook wrenches can be used in applications with lock nuts with an outer diameter of 20 to 150 mm. To facilitate the selection of the correct size, each hook wrench is engraved with the range of nut sizes to which it can be used.


3. Hook wrenches for SKF housings HN, FSNL, SNH, SE and SNL

The special design of hook wrenches allows them to be used inside bearing housings, especially for the assembly and disassembly of SKF housings of the SNL, FSNL, SNH, SE and other series. The wrenches are also successfully used for tightening and loosening nuts on shafts. Thanks to the large contact surface of the wrench with the nut and extremely precise fit, hook wrenches provide excellent clamping on the nut, while reducing the risk of damage to the shaft, nut or housing. Engraved markings and a hole in the handle ensure easy organization and identification of keys. SKF hook wrenches fit nuts with an outer diameter of 38 to 210 mm.


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4. TMFN series impact wrenches

SKF's safe and easy-to-use TMFN Series impact wrenches are designed to tighten and loosen a wide range of large bearing nuts, helping to avoid damage to both the shaft and the nut. Impact wrenches are designed to be used together with a hammer - thanks to maintaining a wide impact surface, impacts are extremely effectively applied to the nut. Wrenches are not intended to move bearings in a tapered seat.


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5. TMHN 7 series locking nut wrenches

Set of 7 lock nut wrenches supplied in a carrying case, suitable for mounting self-aligning ball bearings and small spherical roller bearings and CARB bearings on tapered seats. Using this set reduces the risk of overtightening the nut, which may result in eliminating the clearance and, as a result, damaging the bearing. Each wrench included in the set is equipped with a protractor and has the correct tightening angle for the nut for mounting SKF self-aligning ball bearings marked. Four grip points on each wrench provide a safer and more secure grip on the nut.


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6. Socket sleeves for TMFS nuts

An additional option when installing or dismounting a bearing nut on a short shaft is the possibility of using socket sleeves. Thanks to their different design and application possibilities, they require less space around the bearings than in the case of hook wrenches. The bushings are equipped with inch connections for torque wrenches and power tools. SKF socket bushings fit KM, KMK and KMF series nuts with an outer diameter from 18 to 130 mm.


SKF hook wrenches — proven and reliable solution.

SKF extensive experience in the bearing industry has allowed us to create hook wrenches that fully meet the needs and problems of mounting and dismounting bearings and securing elements, in this case bearing nuts. If you need professional advice on selecting the right hook wrenches for your application, please contact our Maintenance Tools Specialist.

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