Wear sleeves are a solution that increases the effectiveness of the sealing system. It is used when the surface cooperating with the seal becomes worn out, causing the seal to no longer fulfill its function - it does not retain the lubricant and does not protect against contamination.
When the sealing mating surface is scratched, e.g. as a result of dirt penetrating under the sealing lip. During rotation, such contamination wipes the mark on the shaft, which in turn leads to component failure. Then the mere replacement of the seal is not sufficient, it is necessary to regenerate the shaft surface. Regeneration sleeves are a proven solution in such a situation - they provide an excellent mating surface with the seal.

Shaft regeneration sleeves are precisely manufactured parts made of chrome-plated stainless steel, their assembly does not involve the need to disassemble the shaft. The bushings have the appropriate hardness and excellent surface, thanks to which the period between repairs is significantly extended. The sleeve slides over the worn section of the shaft to ensure a perfect contact surface with the seal. This solution will help you save time, money and, additionally, it will not change the size of the simmering used.
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